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I think the eight sacks against New Orleans had more to do with Saints’ talent along the defensive line, the protection breakdowns, the receivers’ inability to get separation at times and Matt Ryan holding the ball too long, too – not the Falcons inability to run the ball consistently .
The former second-round pick out of North Carolina gives the Buccaneers a proven pass-catcher out of the backfield.
The run-and-shoot was all people thought of when they thought of Atlanta, said Archambeau .
That’s obviously a significant storyline against a Carolina Panthers team that ranks fourth in the NFL in sacks per pass play.

He was held to one catch for a two-yard touchdown in the season opener.
I think a big part of it was just getting comfortable playing next to each other and kind of getting that back and forth after repetitions of it.
He only started 17 games at North Dakota State, but there is plenty to get excited about.

Robert from Union Springs, GA Hey Beek.
The Falcons have beaten the Vikings, Panthers, Broncos and lost to the Lions under Morris.
Obviously, when they have wide receiver skills, it’s different – you can use them a whole lot differently.
These guys need a good win to get a good feel.

Emil from Covington, GA Hey Beek Meister, yeah, it’s me again, Falcon Fan 4 Life!
Comments: What a difference a year makes for the Bucs, huh?
There are no excuses for loosing-and that is certainly not one of them.
Is the season a wash?
I feel like it was something thought about in the offseason – about getting my body in a better position to throw even before I receive the ball from the center.
Their team has owned us last two times we’ve played them.

Doesn’t make sense to me.
General Manager Jason Licht says the Buccaneers have the luxury of taking their time with Tryon in terms of defining his role in the defense.
They played a game, a little bit more physical than we did.
The multi-phase project included the renovation of all main level concession stands along with a variety of technological improvements that featured the installation of over 31 square feet of new, state-of-the-art HD video boards, all new ribbon boards, four HD tower video displays in each corner of the stadium and an all-new surround sound system.
He was unemployed when he committed the offense he was on probation for but has since secured stable housing for his family and gained employment.

Terrell who had a standout rookie season.
I think the big advantage is we stay in our own beds, sleep here and just do our normal routine, said Arians.
I also think the closest near miss after those four duos will surprise you, especially since it came in a year in which the Bucs didn’t have a first-round pick.
The veteran tight end arrived last spring via a trade with New England after ending a one-year retirement from the NFL and ended up starting all 20 games in 2020.
Posted five receptions for 66 yards, surpassing 1 yards for the sixth consecutive year during Week 14 against the Carolina Panthers.

If the Falcons didn’t score on every single possession – and they didn’t – the Cowboys knew they could chip away at the lead, especially if they make your own football jersey a possession or two.
I tell you what, put me one-on-one out there.
We came out and played great on both sides of the ball.
Brady averaged 273 passing yards over the first eight games of the season, then 305 over the last eight.
The Evans’ had a special recorded message from them that was played for the recipients.